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Boost your Meta ad spend returns by 20%
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Supports pixels for
Track every ad conversion
Increase Efficiency in Meta Reach and Ad Spend
Pixels are limited and blocked by browsers and big-name C-APIs. EdgeTag rebuilds your signals around a lifetime ID, which is never blocked.
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Gain Accuracy 
in Audience Reach 
and Ad Spend
EdgeTag Pixels
See results in under 48 hours
Blazingly fast and never blocked
Signals go to Meta and TikTok in < 2ms from your CDN edge. No-code deployment gets you started quickly.
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Supercharge your ROI at unmatched speeds
Signal delivery to Meta
EdgeTag Pixels
Privacy-first, by design
Collect and send data with user consent. Automatically comply with zonal laws.
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Consented Data from users with unlimited usage
EdgeTag Pixels
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Andrew Hassard
"An amazing piece of technology, that quickly shows results, backed by an amazing team, that made setup and integration a total breeze. We've seen increases in returns and decreases in costs, and with continued support from Blotout, expect to drive further success. Fully recommend"
Andrew HassardManaging Director at Mango Bikes
Arham Khan
“Our campaigns have benefited immensely since implementing EdgeTag and we’re seeing an average of 30% uplift in performance as a result.”
Arham KhanCo-Founder at Pixated
Chloe Nash
"EdgeTag has delivered immediate results for a number of our clients, resulting in increases in event match scores and - most importantly - real impact on CPCs, CTRs, and advertising ROI. The team is responsive and technically savvy and we’re excited to be a partner as the ecosystem inextricably moves towards a cookieless future.”
Tim KeenCo-Founder & CEO at Loop
Areej Khan
“In the cookieless era, it’s vital that businesses collect first-party data in order to maximize ROI which is why our partnership with Blotout makes sense. It gives our clients access to a proven system that works out of the box with no intensive and complicated development.”
Areej KhanCo-Founder of Pixated
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